How can I go to Bangalore to Goa by train?

Some of the trains that operate between Bangalore and Goa include: MAS VASCO EXP , YPR VSG EXP. The first train on this route is VLNK VSG EXP and leaves Bangalore at 11:05 am , and the last train from Bangalore to Goa is MAS VASCO EXP and leaves Bangalore at 20:10 pm.

What is the cost of train ticket from Bangalore to Goa?

Fare for trains from Bengaluru to Goa is Rs 195 in None (GN), Rs 970 in Third AC (3A), Rs 1380 in Second AC (2A) and Rs 360 in Sleeper (SL) in general quota. Tatkal ticket fare and premium tatkal fare in this route starts from Rs 1285 in Third AC (3A), Rs 1800 in Second AC (2A) and Rs 460 in Sleeper (SL).

Which train is running from Bangalore to Goa?

A. Some major trains that run from Bangalore to Goa are ,Yesvantpur- Vasco Express (17309), Chennai – Vasco Da Gama Superfast Express (17311), and Yesvantpur-Vasco Da Gama Spl Express(07309).

What is the cost of Goa train ticket?

Hyderabad to Goa Kacheguda Vasco Da Gama Express Slip 17603

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Hyderabad to Goa train fare is Rs. 1125 in Third AC, Rs. 1610 in Second AC and Rs. 415 in Sleeper for this train.

Is train available to Goa?

More about Goa to Goa route

Some of the trains that run on this route are Hwh MANDOVI EXPRESS (10103),MANDOVI EXPRESS (10104),KONKAN KANYA EX (10111),KONKAN KANYA EXP (10112) etc. … You can check live train running status, tatkal train tickets and PNR status on MakeMyTrip app and website.

How much money is enough for Goa trip?

How much money will you need for your trip to Goa? You should plan to spend around ₨2,130 ($29) per day on your vacation in Goa, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ₨653 ($8.89) on meals for one day and ₨354 ($4.82) on local transportation.

Is Goa still cheap?

So, is Goa expensive? The short answer is no. It’s more expensive compared to the rest of India but that’s hardly a fair comparison – considering India’s dirt cheap prices. Most likely, you’ll sound like a bird in Goa as you exclaim how cheap-cheap everything is.

Can I go to Goa now?

Goa has finally reopened for tourists after remaining shut for months due to a second wave of Coronavirus cases across the country, and rise in COVID cases in the state. … In Goa, we had an average of 77 flight operations per day, which stands at 30 now. All airlines barring one have restarted their operations.”

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Which trains are running from Hyderabad to Goa?

Hyderabad to Goa Trains

  • 17021Hyb Vsg ExpressRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 17021 Running Status ) SC. …
  • 07021Hyb Vsg SplRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 07021 Running Status ) SC. …
  • 17603Kcg Ypr ExpRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 17603 Running Status ) KCG. …
  • 07603Kcg Ynk SplRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 07603 Running Status )

What is Goa railway station name?

The major railway stations in Goa are the Madgaon Railway Station, Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and Thivim Railway Station.

How many railway stations are there in Goa?

There are 19 railway stations in Goa.