How can we save sparrows in India?

It is important to save sparrows by installing nest boxes, bird feeders, planting native plants and reducing use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers,” he emphasised. Gitanjali Kanwar, coordinator, WWF-India, said there were about 50 species of birds that live closest to human dwellings.

Why do we need to save sparrows?

Like every living creature, sparrows are important for preserving our natural ecosystem. … Sparrows also play a vital role in the food chain. They feed on small insects and worms such as caterpillars, beetles and aphids. Some of these creatures destroy plants and the sparrow helps keeps their numbers in check.

How do you increase sparrow population?

To increase the population of the house sparrow, Saikia came up with a solution – low-cost cardboard nests. He believed that the population of the house sparrow could get a boost if low-cost nest boxes were popularised amongst the common people.

What do sparrows need to survive?

They are known to live in colonies and survive on food grains and tiny worms. Here are some reasons for the near disappearance of the sparrow. Trees have been felled indiscriminately, causing the sparrow to lose its home. But, a sparrow nests in homes too.

Why are sparrows dying?

“Common sparrows are going extinct because of mindless urbanisation. They are losing not just their natural habitats but also the essential human touch they need and thrive upon. … The indifference caused by a lack of emotional connect has pushed these birds to the edge of extinction,” Mr.

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