How do I convert Australian time to Indian time?

How is time calculated in Australia?

Time now in Australia and India. Conversion tools and tables.

  1. GMT +08:00 11:15:35 PM. Australia Western Time.
  2. GMT +09:30 12:45:35 AM. South Australia Time.
  3. GMT +10:00 1:15:35 AM. Australia Eastern Time.
  4. GMT +10:00 1:15:35 AM. Australia Eastern Time (DST)
  5. GMT +09:30 12:45:35 AM. Australia Central Time.
  6. GMT +05:30 8:45:35 PM.

How do I convert us time to India time?

Time Difference

  1. Eastern Daylight Time is 9 hours and 30 minutes behind of India Standard Time. 2:30 pm in EDT is 12:00 am in IST.
  2. 2:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Offset UTC -4:00 hours. 12:00 am India Standard Time (IST). Offset UTC +5:30 hours.
  3. 2:30 pm EDT / 12:00 am IST.

How do we calculate time in India?

Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82°30′ E longitude from the clock tower in Mirzapur near Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh, which is situated approximately on the corresponding longitude reference line.

Which country has largest time difference with India?

The Republic of Kiribati’s Line Islands, which have a time zone of +14 hours UTC, are on the far east of the earth. These two places, therefore, have the biggest time difference of 26 hours.

How do you convert time?

To convert time to just hours:

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2 hours is 2 hours * (1 hour/ 1 hour) = 2 hours. 45 minutes is 45 minutes * (1 hour / 60 minutes) = 45/60 hours = 0.75 hours. 45 seconds is 45 seconds * (1 hour / 3600 seconds) = 45/3600 hours = 0.0125 hours.

How is Earth time calculated?

The earth has 360 imaginary lines called longitudes or meridians running vertically between the poles. Each of these longitudes is called a degree. The 0 degree longitude passing through Greenwich, near London, is considered as standard and the time of all other time zones are calculated accordingly.

How do I convert time to est?

How to adjust time zone manually using Settings

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Time & Language.
  3. Click on Date & time.
  4. Turn off the Set time zone automatically toggle switch (if applicable).
  5. Use the “Time zone” drop-down menu and select the correct zone setting.

Is India a day ahead of America?

India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of New York.