How do I renew my expired Indian drivers license?

Visit the RTO office and collect form 9. Attach all the necessary documents including NOC letter if renewing from another state. Enclose your valid Driving License details as well as a photograph. Pay a nominal fee of INR 200 (as per 2018) and book a test slot if there is any change in your medical condition.

How do I renew my expired Indian driving Licence?

Steps to Renew your Driving License Offline

  1. Visit the RTO Office and collect Form 9.
  2. Fill the form and attach all required documents, including the NOC letter (if renewing from a different state).
  3. Attach your Driving License and Passport Size Photos.
  4. Pay the renewal fee of Rs.

Can driving Licence be renewed after its expiry in India?

It is important to note that the driving license can be renewed even after the expiry, as the holder will get a grace period of up to one year and after that, the license will lapse forever.

How can I renew my Indian driving Licence online?

No, you cannot renew a driving license online. You can only fill the driving form online and schedule an appointment for your driving test. You will have to appear for the driving test only after which you will get your renewed driving license.

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Can I renew my driving license before it expires?

If your licence expired between 1 February and 31 December 2020 then you received an extension for 11 months due to coronavirus. This extension started from the original expiry date on your licence. You don’t have to wait until then though – you can renew your licence at any point before the new deadline.

Is driving test required for renewal of licence in India?

Till now, renewal of licence required an application enclosed with a copy of the old licence. After biometric verification, a new driving licence was issued. Now, an applicant will have to undergo a driving test.

What happens if you forget to renew driving licence?

If you do not renew your licence but carry on driving, you would not have a valid driving licence and so your motor insurance would not be valid. You would be committing a serious offence which carries stringent penalties, which could include a heavy fine and having your car seized by the police.

What are the documents required for driving licence renewal?

What are the required documents to renew Dubai driving license

  • The expired license.
  • An eye test certificate from a recognised optician.
  • Must have residency visa stamp on your passport.
  • Your Emirates ID.
  • Two photos.

How can I renew my driving licence online?

Online Procedure:

  1. Step 1: Visit UP Government’s transport website-
  2. Step 2: Download the form online and print it.
  3. Step 3: Fill it and submit it along with the relevant documents at the RTO office.
  4. On verification of the documents, the driving license is issued to the applicant on the same day.
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Can I renew my Indian driving license from abroad?

NRIs Allowed To Renew Driving Permits From Embassies; No Need To Visit India (How Does It Work?) Indian citizens living abroad can now apply for renewal of their International Driving Permits through embassies of the respective countries they are living in.