How far is Lonavala from Mumbai?

Distance between Mumbai to Lonavala by Road is 83 Kms
Distance between Mumbai to Lonavala by Flight is 66 Kms
Travel Time from Mumbai to Lonavala by Road is 0:55 hrs
Nearest Airport in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (19.08, 72.88)

How can I go to Lonavala from Mumbai by train?

The fastest way to reach from Mumbai to Lonavala is train to Lonavala and takes 1h 28m. The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Lonavala is train to Lonavala and takes 1h 28m. Train numbers 01301, 01019, 01139 etc. Buses from Shankara Golden Travels, Gujarat travels, Neeta tours and travels etc.

How safe is Lonavala?

yes its safe always to visit lonavala. you are free to visit any time in lonavala.

How far is Lonavala and Khandala from Mumbai?

Popular Routes to Khandala

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Lonavala to Khandala 6 hours 0 mins 263 km
Mumbai to Khandala 5 hours 11 mins 283 km
Delhi to Khandala 19 hours 54 mins 1,264 km
Hyderabad to Khandala 11 hours 56 mins 611 km
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Is travel to Lonavala from Mumbai allowed?

Pawar said they cannot stop tourists from coming to Lonavala. “There is no ban on tourists. However, they are not allowed to go near waterfalls and dams,” he said. Police Inspector T S Mujawar of Lonavala rural police said, “In rural areas, we witnessed tourist inflow on Saturday.

Why is Lonavala famous?

A popular hill station situated between Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, Lonavala is known for its natural beauty and cool climate. Offering respite for those wishing to make a quick escape from Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala and its twin city, Khandala are the ideal getaway spots.

Which is the best time to visit Lonavala?

Best time to visit Lonavala in monsoon is from July-September. Temperature in summer season in Lonavala remains in between 23°C-35°C. People visit hill stations like Lonavala to spend their summer vacations hence it’s the best season to visit Lonavala.

How can I spend my day in Lonavala?

Detailed Guide: Places to Visit with One Day Lonavala Sightseeing Tour by Car

  1. Lions Point. Lions Point with Lonavala Sightseeing Trip. …
  2. Shooting Point. View from Shooting Point w/ Lonavala Sightseeing by Private Taxi. …
  3. Tiger’s Leap. …
  4. Bushi Dam. …
  5. Lonavala Lake. …
  6. Ryewood Park. …
  7. Lonavala Wax Museum. …
  8. Rajmachi Point.

Is entry in Lonavala allowed?

The district administration has allowed outsiders entry to the main city who have booked their hotel and bungalows for the stay. However, with no restriction on tourist entry by administration, the situation becomes troublesome for police on duty.

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Can I travel from Mumbai to Lonavala without E-pass?

You Will Need An E-Pass To Visit Lonavala

If you travel without an e-pass you will be charged a fine of ₹1000.

Which is better Lonavala or Mahabaleshwar?

Sightseeing spots – Lonavala or Mahabaleshwar

Tiger point is the famous one apparently there. There is also a Lion point at a walking distance from the Tiger point. The view from these two points is absolutely breathtaking. … So from the points and places to visit, I feel Mahabaleshwar is a better option over Lonavala.

Is Ola uber available in Lonavala?

Ola and Uber can now bring in passengers from different cities to Lonavala, however, cannot pick the outstation passengers from the city itself. … However, entry of Ola and Uber in the market means that local taxi operators will have to compete with those who come from Pune and Mumbai.”

Is alibaug open now in lockdown?

Entry to Alibag is open from all domestic states. However, a negative RT-PCR test report is required to enter the state borders. Wearing masks is compulsory for all in public areas. Adhering to social distancing is compulsory for all in public areas.

How can I travel locally in Lonavala?

By Taxi, Car, Bus, Train | Lonavala and Khandala Local Transport – MakeMyTrip.

Transportation in Lonavala and Khandala

  1. Taxi. Taxis are easily available in Lonavala and Khandala, but check with locals for standard rates that you should be paying for a particular distance.
  2. On Foot. …
  3. Auto-rickshaws.