How many billionaires and millionaires are there in Mumbai?

City Country Billionaires
Shenzhen China 68
Shanghai China 64
London United Kingdom 63
Mumbai India 48

How many millionaires are there in Mumbai 2021?

There are 16,933 millionaire households in Mumbai, which contributes about 6.16 per cent to the country’s GDP, with New Delhi in close pursuit with 16,000 (4.94 per cent contribution to GDP), followed by Kolkata 10,000, according to Hurun India Wealth Report.

How much population of Mumbai is rich?

Mumbai is the largest economy in India. Mumbai’s Nominal GDP is $250 Billion & GDP (PPP) is $400 Billion. It is the richest Indian city and 12th richest city in the world with a netwealth of around $ 1 trillion with 46000 millionaires and 56 billionaires.


Company Revenue (billion US$)
RPG Group 4.01

How many billionaires and millionaires are there in India?

India has the third highest number of billionaires, with 140, followed by Germany with 136 and Russia with 117. Forbes said the 1,149 billionaires from Asia-Pacific countries together are worth $4.7 trillion, while the U.S. billionaires are worth a total $4.4 trillion. On the global list, 106 are under 40.

Who is considered rich in India?

According to Hurun, there are 412,000 dollar-millionaire households / affluent households in India with a networth of at least Rs 7 crore. Hurun Rich Listers have a wealth of Rs 1,000 crore, the report says, and pegs the number of such cumulative households in India at 3,000.

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Is Delhi richer than Mumbai?

Mumbai is the 12th richest city in the world with a total wealth of $960 billion, according to a report by New World Health. … Delhi is on 22nd position and second Indian city after Mumbai on the wealth intelligence firm’s ‘The Wealthiest Cities Worldwide in 2019’ list.