How many varieties of species are found in India?

India, a megadiverse country with only 2.4% of the world’s land area, accounts for 7-8% of all recorded species, including over 45,000 species of plants and 91,000 species of animals.

How many number of species are there in India?

India has more than 100,000 species, according to ZSI. India’s 12 national biodiversity targets include creating awareness about biodiversity, enforcing policies to document, and conserving biological resources.

How many animal species are found in India Class 9?

The fauna of a country consists of birds, fish and animals. It also includes amphibians, reptiles, mammals, small insects and worms. The fauna of India is quite rich and varied. There are about 89,000 species in India.

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How many plant species are found in India A 42000 B 45000 C 47000 D 50000?

About 20,000. Hint: Total number of plant species in India is less than the total number of animal species found in India.

How many varieties of trees exist in India?

There are only 40 trees that are common in India. The real number is much more. India is a tropical land with distinct climate, soil, temperatures, and land properties which makes it a suitable home for many different kinds of trees.

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Which country is rich in wildlife?

Brazil is the Earth’s biodiversity champion. Between the Amazon rainforest and Mata Atlantica forest, the woody savana-like cerrado, the massive inland swamp known as the Pantanal, and a range of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the world in plant and amphibian species counts.

What is the Kilometre of India?

India measures 3,214 km (1,997 mi) from north to south and 2,933 km (1,822 mi) from east to west.

What is biome Class 9?

Biome refers to the community of plants and animals that occur naturally in an area, often sharing common characteristics specific to that area. … Terrestrial biomes include grasslands, deserts, tropical forests.

How many fish species are there in India?

223 endemic fish species are found in India, representing 8.75 per cent of the total fish species known from the Indian region and 128 monotypic genera of fishes found in India, representing 13.20 per cent of the genera of fishes known from the Indian region.

How many plants grow in India?

Nature has endowed India with a rich biological diversity, which includes over 40,000 species of plants and 75000 species of animals. India has about 12% of the global plant wealth amongst which there are nearly 3,000 tree species. There are around 15,000 flowering plant species in India.

Which tree is common in India?

Common Trees of India

S.No. Species
1 Chir pine (Pinus roxburghii)
2 Teak (Tectona grandis)
3 Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo)
4 Sandal (Santalum album Linn.)