Is Mandarin easy to learn for Indians?

But if you are willing and ready to learn, it can be almost a simple language to acquire. Once you put your mind to it, it won’t be that hard. You can achieve Level IV or V of the HSK, i.e., the Mandarin international test, in 3 years. In all likelihood, learning the Chinese language in India will pay a high dividend.

Is Mandarin or Hindi harder?

Hindi Grammar is bit difficult compared to Chinese Grammar. Whereas, Chinese is said to be the toughest language because spoken chinese need alot of practise compared to Hindi. But Chinese language also have its trick.

How many Indians can speak Mandarin?

According to Nautiyal’s findings, the number of people speaking Hindi is 1,200 million, while Mandarin is second at 1,050 million.

Is Mandarin taught in India?

Presently, India has two functional CIs at present – one at Mumbai university and another the Vellore Institute of Technology. The University of Mumbai that set up its CI in 2013, and the Vellore Institute of Technology, which started a Chinese Language Centre in 2009.

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How long does it take for an Indian to learn chinese?

However, to become fluent, experts estimate that it’ll take 2,200 class hours. If you put the rest of your life on hold and focused only on studying Chinese – at 5 hours of practice a day, it would take you 88 weeks. Here’s the long story. When it comes to Chinese, you have two options – Mandarin or Cantonese.

Which is toughest language in India?

Google admits Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) to be the toughest language in India. It is both difficult to learn and speak as compared to any other language in India.

Is Hindi a dying language?

* Hindi,our mother tongue and our national language,is dying a slow death. It is losing its importance in fast-changing modern India. It is getting limited to speaking and verbal communication. Today,people prefer reading English newspapers,watching news in English and reading more of English literature than Hindi.

Which foreign language is highly paid?

Of all the foreign lingos making headway in the industry, Chinese (Mandarin) is the highest-paid language. A person who speaks Chinese receives as much as an Rs. Million-plus yearly.

Can you learn Mandarin in 4 years?

If you want to be fully fluent in Mandarin, you’d better plan to spend about 230 weeks, which is about 4 years.

Why we should learn Chinese Mandarin?

Learning Chinese offers many benefits to personal and professional growth not least gaining a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Millions of people travel to China to see the shrines, walk The Great Wall of China and indulge in the wonderful food markets in cities such as Beijng.

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Is Mandarin banned in India?

The National Education Policy (NEP) has dropped Mandarin or ‘Chinese’ from its list of examples of foreign languages that can be taught in schools. The language was included in the draft version of the Policy released in May 2019, but was missing from the final Policy document approved by the Union Cabinet this week.

Is Mandarin spoken in India?

But their dialects are distinctly different from Mandarin, the most-widely spoken language in China. “At present, nearly 65% of the Indian Chinese in Kolkata speak Hakka, a dialect spoken in southern China. … “There are many Indians in Kolkata who now speak Mandarin fluently.

Can I learn Mandarin one year?

If you were to study hard in a classroom or immersive setting with at least 1-3 hours a day, you are likely to acquire intermediate-level fluency within a year. Different people learn at different speeds, so you can’t take this as a hard-and-fast rule, but it’s a good metric to help set your expectations.

Is Mandarin difficult to learn?

Mandarin Chinese

Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world. Mandarin Chinese is challenging for a number of reasons. … But writing isn’t the only difficult part of learning Mandarin. The tonal nature of the language makes speaking it very hard as well.

What is the hardest language to learn?

8 Hardest Languages to Learn In The World For English Speakers

  1. Mandarin. Number of native speakers: 1.2 billion. …
  2. Icelandic. Number of native speakers: 330,000. …
  3. Japanese. Number of native speakers: 122 million. …
  4. Hungarian. Number of native speakers: 13 million. …
  5. Korean. Number of native speakers: 66.3 million. …
  6. Arabic. …
  7. Finnish. …
  8. Polish.
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