Is Vonage legal in India?

Just take the Vonage Box to India with you and plug it into a high-speed Internet connection. Then you’re all set and can start calling the USA from India whenever you want. … In addition, with every Vonage World plan you’ll get: Unlimited1 calling to landlines in over 60 countries — like the U.S. and India!

Can I use Vonage in India?

Calling India at low rates

Vonage makes calling India easier than ever with the Vonage World plan. It offers low per-minute rates when calling India from the U.S., and special calling features that keep you in touch with friends and family across the world.

Is VoIP illegal in India?

According to recent regulations, it is legal to use VoIP in India. But, it is illegal to: … Terminate VoIP calls to landline/PSTN lines within India.

Can I call India using Vonage Extension app?

Make a Call

  1. Dial the 10-digit Access Number assigned in your Online Account or choose another available Access Number.
  2. Enter your Security PIN. If PINless dialing is enabled, your Security PIN is not required.
  3. Dial the phone number that you want to call (use 011 + country code for international calls).
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Is SIP calling allowed in India?

Using SIP Trunk to call outside India

are the VoIP based SIP trunk providers. Here is a list of VoIP based providers for International Calling. While pure SIP trunking is not allowed in India for Local Calls (within India), It is perfectly legal to use it for International Calls.

How much is Vonage a month?

Currently Available Residential Plans

Plan name/ Cost per month* Calling destinations
Vonage World $29.99 Unlimited¹ to U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico Unlimited¹ to landlines in 60+ countries and mobiles in 10+ countries

Is Vonage free?

Vonage Mobile is available to anyone who wants to talk and chat worldwide with other users for free and for anyone who wants to make low cost international calls from any mobile Apple or Android device.

Which is best VoIP call to India?

Best India Calling Options

  • Vonage. Vonage is the most popular VOIP service for India calling. …
  • Skype or whatsapp. …
  • Rebtel. …
  • Ooma. …
  • Magic Jack. …

Is Skype legal in India?

Calling within India from Skype to mobiles and landlines is no longer available. You can still make free Skype to Skype calls within India, and you can still call mobiles and landlines in India from outside the country (as well as make calls from India to other countries).

How can I call VoIP in India?

How to Call India from the USA or Canada

  1. First dial “011” from any United States phone number. “011” is the exit code to dial out of the USA or Canada.
  2. Then dial “91” which is the India country code.
  3. Then dial the Indian telephone number.
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What countries can I call with Vonage?

Yes, in over 10 countries. Enjoy unlimited¹ calling to mobile phones in Brunei, Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Saipan, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States and US Virgin Islands.

Can I use Vonage on my computer?

Vonage SoftPhone is a fully functioning telephone interface that you can download and install on your PC or Mac and use without your Vonage phone adapter, even when you are traveling. With the SoftPhone you can make and receive calls, pick up voicemail and use most other Vonage features.

How many Vonage Extensions can you have?

Can I use the Extensions app on more than one smartphone? Yes. You can download the app to three smartphones and link them to your Vonage home phone service, free of charge. The app is available on iPhone® and Android™.