Question: Can Indians go to Saudi via Nepal?

Nepal does not put any restrictions on Indian nationals flying to third countries.

Can Indian travel to Saudi from Nepal?

Can I travel from Nepal to Saudi Arabia? If you have been fully vaccinated, then mostly yes, you can. Non-Saudi nationals holding tourist visas are now allowed to enter the Kingdom should they have completed the required doses of one of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Can I transit through Nepal?

Foreign nationals having a transit in Nepal can obtain Transit Visa to enter into the country to spend a night (24 hours) by producing a proof of transit (Air ticket). Transit Visa is issued by Immigration Officer upon his/her satisfaction. …

Can Indian travel to third country from Nepal?

All Indian nationals require an NOC from the Embassy of India, Kathmandu to travel to a third country from Nepal. Following are required to issue NOC: Original Passport (along with Xerox copy) Original Indian Registration Certificate issued by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu (along with Xerox copy)

Can Indians travel to Kathmandu now?

To be sure, there are no travel restrictions on Indians traveling to Kathmandu with Nepal as their final destination. … Embassy is in contact with Nepalese authorities to facilitate travel of bona fide Indian nationals already in Nepal,” the Indian embassy statement said.

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Is passport required for Nepal?

Do Indian Travellers Need to Possess a Passport to Visit Nepal? Yes, it is vital for Indians travelling to Nepal to carry their valid passports. However, tourists who do not possess their passport for Nepal from India can produce a few other documents in its stead to enter the country.

Do foreigners have to quarantine in Nepal?

Quarantine Information:

All international travelers must quarantine for 10 days after arrival, regardless of vaccination status. All people arriving to Kathmandu valley must also quarantine for 10 days. All travelers may be subject to random checks.

Is hotel quarantine mandatory in Nepal?

2) All hotels designated as hotel quarantine are required to comply with the health guidelines issued by the Government of Nepal and any non-compliance shall be punishable under COVID-19 Crisis Management Ordinance, 2021.

Can Indian travel to Nepal now?

Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal.

How can I get NOC from Nepal?

You can also apply for NOC in Nepal online. Go to and create your account. Fill the online application form following the instruction as well as upload the documents asked for. You will get a notice of your document verification usually within 2-3 business days.

Can a Nepali make Indian passport?

The strange case of an Indian citizen of Nepali origin and his “fake” passport. … Under Indian citizenship law, any person born in India between January 26, 1950 and July 1, 1987 would be granted citizenship automatically. Different rules apply to people born in India after 1987.

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Is there a train from India to Nepal?

Now, the plan has been expanded to a 69-km-long railway line from Jaynagar to Bardibas in Nepal. … The project is being developed with support from the Government of India.

Are flights operating from India to Nepal?

At present, the airlines of both countries are operating flights under air bubble arrangement between Nepal and India that allows one weekly flight in either direction amidst the travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I get Nepal visa from India?

Documents required for Nepal Visa:

  1. Original Passport with at least 6 months validity.
  2. Driving License with photo.
  3. Election Commission Card with photo.
  4. Registration certificate issued by the Indian Embassy to the Indian national residing in Nepal.
  5. Birth Certificate or School/College ID Card for children.