Quick Answer: In what way India got remarkable progress?

In which spheres has India made remarkable progress?

India has made ‘remarkable progresses in transport and education. Explanation: Transport helps remove the obstacle of distance.! An effective transport system is crucial for the country’s sustainable economic development and plays a major role in fostering domestic and international integration…

How it is said that India has made remarkable progress after independence?

How is it said that India has made remarkable progress after independence? India belongs to one of the ancient civilisation of the world. … It has excelled many countries of the world in the field of agriculture, industry, technology and overall economic development. iii.

How India can be progressed?

Put younger, dynamic and educated political leaders in charge. … Revamp the education system and make it more accessible to improve literacy rate. Develop a robust healthcare system and make it more accessible to everyone, especially poor people. Pay civil servants better wages.

In which all fields did India progress?

The progress of economic changes in India is followed closely. The World Bank suggests that the most important priorities are public sector reform, infrastructure, agricultural and rural development, removal of labour regulations, reforms in lagging states, and HIV/AIDS.

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What is the percentage of land area in India?

India occupies 2.4 percent of the total land area of the world, but supports 16.7 percent of the world population.

How has it benefited from India central position in the Indian Ocean?

India’s central location at the head of Indian ocean gives it a great strategic importance and helps in maintaining. It helps India to keep a close contact with west Asia,Africa and Europe from western cost,and southeast and east Asia from the eastern Asia.

Why is India said to be a country of vast expanse?

India is a country of vast geographical expanse. … The lofty mountains, the Great Indian Desert, the Northern Plains, the uneven plateau surface and the coasts and islands present a diversity of landforms. There is a great variety in the climate, vegetation, wildlife as well as in the language and culture.

Is India a poor country 2020?

The world’s largest democracy, India is a federal republic with 29 relatively autonomous states and seven union territories. … But because of its population, it’s also one of the poorest countries in the world based on income and gross national product per capita.

Is India is a developed country?

India is an emerging and developing country (EDC) found in southern Asia. … The Human Development Index (HDI) places India 136th out of 187 countries, with 25% of the nation’s population still living on less than $1.25 (US dollar) a day.

Is India making progress?

India’s experience carries lessons for developing and newly industrialized countries around the world. It proves that success can be achieved – against polio and other diseases, as well – even in the most challenging circumstances. Another great example of India’s progress is in its work to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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