Quick Answer: Is Jawahar Tunnel longest in India?

No. of lanes 2
Highest elevation 2,200 metres (7,200 ft)

Which is longest tunnel?

World’s longest tunnels (in use)

Type Name Length
Railway Single Tube Seikan Tunnel 53,850 m (33.5 mi)
Water supply Želivka Water Tunnel 51,075 m (31.7 mi)
Railway Twin Tube Channel Tunnel 50,450 m (31.3 mi)
Railway Single Tube Yulhyeon Tunnel 50,300 m (31.3 mi)

What are the 5 longest tunnels in the world?

10 Longest Tunnels in the World

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel. Currently the longest and most expensive rail tunnel in the world, the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened for service on 11 Dec. …
  • Seikan Tunnel. …
  • Channel Tunnel. …
  • New Guanjiao Tunnel. …
  • Guadarrama Tunnel. …
  • Laerdal Tunnel. …
  • SMART Tunnel. …
  • Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.

Where is world largest tunnel?

World’s longest tunnel above 10000 ft–Atal Tunnel–inaugurated in Himachal Pradesh. Atal Tunnel was finally inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday morning to enable travellers to reach from Manali to Leh and Ladakh throughout the year.

Which is the smallest tunnel in India?

Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel

Other name(s) Chenani-Nashri Tunnel Patnitop Tunnel
Location Jammu and Kashmir, India
Status Active
Route NH 44
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