Quick Answer: What are the two kinds of string instruments in Indian music?

In Indian music, a number of different types of string instruments are used. The chief types used are ‘Ektara’, Indian sitar, ‘Surbahar’, ‘Swarmandal’, ‘Tambura’, ‘Veena’, ‘Sarod’, ‘Sarangi’, ‘Rebab’, ‘Esraj’, ‘Santoor’ and ‘Sarinda’. The origin of string instruments are difficult to trace.

What are the two types of string instruments?

The most common string instruments in the string family are guitar, electric bass, violin, viola, cello, double bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and harp.

What are Indian string instruments?

India – String Musical Instruments

  • Sitar. The Sitar is an extremely popular Indian String Instrument. …
  • Violin. The Violin is the only western instrument that has been completely absorbed into Indian music. …
  • Tanpura. …
  • Sarod. …
  • Santoor. …
  • Sarangi. …
  • Dilruba. …
  • Esraj.

What two instruments are used as accompaniment in Indian music?

Instruments most commonly used in Hindustani classical music are the sitar, sarod, tambura, sahnai, sarangi, and tabla; while instruments commonly used in Karnatak classical music include the vina, mrdangam, kanjira, and violin.

What instrument has only 3 strings?

Balalaika. The balalaika is a Russian folk instrument. It has a short neck with three strings, metal frets similar to a guitar, and a large, triangular body. Its short neck and small sound hole produce a sound similar to the ukulele, and much like a ukulele, it is strummed and plucked with the fingers.

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What are the 5 classification of Indian musical instruments?

There are predominantly 5 types of them. There is a traditional system for the classification of instruments. This system is based upon; non-membranous percussion (ghan), membranous percussion (avanaddh), wind blown (sushir), plucked string (tat), bowed string (vitat).

Which is the famous musical instrument?

The piano is a royal musical instrument. It is also called the king of instruments. Despite being a single instrument, a piano covers the full spectrum of any instrument featured in the orchestra. This adaptability along with the capability to produce a pleasant tune is what gives piano its name.

Who is famous sarangi player in India?

An entire epoch is intertwined with the music of sarangi maestro Ustad Sabri Khan who passed away Monday night in Delhi at the age of 88. He had played the Vande Mataram that rang through the Parliament a minute past midnight as India ushered in Independence in 1947.