Quick Answer: Why did the European traders become jealous of India?

Why did European traders become jealous of Indian?

Apart from cotton and silk produced in India, European trading companies were attracted to India for its wide variety of spices. Spices like clove, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom were produced in India and all these spices were of great demand in Europe.

Why did European traders become attracted to India?

European traders were attracted towards India because of the spices grown in tropical climates – pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried ginger etc. These spices had become an important part of European cooking. Also, they found the cotton cloth very attractive.

What did Europe want from India?

The Europeans came to India to trade for sugar, tea, cotton, ginger, pepper, and other spices, a blue dye called indigo, and jute.

Why is Kerala considered an attractive place by European traders?

Answer: Because Kerala is situated in the Arabian see it will be better comfortable,easy ,and very beautiful and attractive place to trade.

How did Indigo attract foreign traders?

How did indigo trade attract foreign traders? … Over the years many Company officials left their jobs to look after their indigo business. Attracted by the prospect of high profits, numerous Scotsmen and Englishmen came to India and became planters.

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Which were the Indian goods very much in demand in the European countries?

Answer: Explanation: Apart from raise in a collection of farm revenues, spices, cotton and indigo of the Indian market were in great demand in Europe during the 18th century.

What made British to leave India?

One reason why the British were reluctant to leave India was that they feared India would erupt into civil war between Muslims and Hindus. … In 1947 the British withdrew from the area and it was partitioned into two independent countries – India (mostly Hindu) and Pakistan (mostly Muslim).