Quick Answer: Why is Indian Ocean named so?

The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean from ancient times and its long coastline which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean rim.

Why is Indian Ocean named after India mention any three reasons?

(i) India has a central location between East and West Asia. (ii) India has the longest coastline in the Indian Ocean. (iii) India’s Southernmost extension of the Deccan Peninsula protrudes into Indian Ocean that makes it significant to international trade done through Indian Ocean.

Is India the only country having an ocean named after it?

The Indian Ocean is the only ocean named after a country, that is, India. The shape of ocean is almost triangular. In the north, it is bound by Asia, in the west by Africa and in the east by Australia.

Which country has an ocean named after it?

Complete answer: The ocean is a large saltwater body that covers about 71 percent of the surface of the Earth. The Indian Ocean is the only ocean that is named after a nation, India.

How many sea are in India?

The Indian Ocean shares its borders with seven marginal seas. The following is a list of those seas arranged by area.

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Which is the largest ocean island in India?

The largest island in the Indian Ocean is?

  • Madagascar.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Sumatra.
  • Maldives.

How are oceans divided?

Geographers divide the ocean into five major basins: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern. Smaller ocean regions such as the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Bay of Bengal are called seas, gulfs, and bays.