Was declared as national park in the year 2014 and became the newest national park in India?

Which is the newest national park in Kerala?

National Parks

Serial No Name of Reserve Year of Formation
1 Eravikulam National Park 1978
2 Silent Valley National Park 1984
3 Pampadum Shola National Park 2003
4 Mathikettan Shola National Park 2003

Which national park established most recently?

White Sands National Monument designated as the newest US national park

  • (CNN) — The United States has its 62nd national park.
  • The White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico has been officially designated as White Sands National Park.

WHO declared tiger reserve in India?

Tiger Reserves are declared by National Tiger Conservation Authority via Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2006 under centrally sponsored scheme called Project Tiger. To declare an area as Tiger Reserve, the state governments can forward their proposals in this regard to NTCA.

How a national park is declared?

Central government can also declare a national park via a notification where the State Government leases or otherwise transfers any area under its control, not being an area within a Sanctuary, to the Central Government and the Central Government may, if it is satisfied that the conditions specified in 1972 Act are …

WHO declares a tiger reserve?

Project Tiger was launched by the Government of India in the year 1973 to save the endangered species of tiger in the country. Starting from nine (9) reserves in 1973-2016 the number is grown up to fifty (50). A total area of 71027.10 km2 is covered by these project tiger areas.

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How many national parks are there in Kerala in 2020?

There are six national parks with a total area of 558.16 km2 (215.51 sq mi). There are fourteen wildlife sanctuaries with a total area of 1,891.07 km2 (730.15 sq mi).