What are the main characteristics of the temple of central India?

Temples in central India were built in the Nagara style. Such temples consists of two main building. The main shrine which is taller and a shorter structure which is used for devotional ceremonies. An example of such a temple is the Khajuraho group of temples.

What are the major styles of temples?

Three main styles of temple architecture are the Nagara or the Northern style, the Dravida or the Southern style and the Vesara or Mixed style. But at the same time, there are also some regional styles. Nagara (in North India) is associated with the land between the Himalayas and Vindhyas.

What are the important features of Nagara style of temple architecture?

Dravida and Nagara architecture

Feature Nagara architecture
Main temple spire (tower) Sikhara above sanctum
Mandapa spire (tower) Yes
Curvature of the spire Curvilinear centred over the sanctum, also straight-edged pyramidal
Sanctum Single or multi-storey

What were the main styles of temple architecture in medieval India give one example of each?

By the 700s AD, after the collapse of the Guptan Empire, there were two different styles of temple-building in India, a north Indian style and a south Indian style. This temple from Osian shows the north Indian style. It has a high tower called a shikhara, and an open porch for visitors to the temple, called a mandapa.

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Which one of the following is not a feature of north Indian temple architecture?

Correct Option: C. Gopuram is not a feature of north Indian temple architecture. In the north, the Shikhara remains the most prominent element of the temple and the gateway is usually modest.

What are the features of a temple?

Temples typically have a main building and a larger precinct, which may contain many other buildings, or may be a dome shaped structure, much like an igloo. The word comes from Ancient Rome, where a templum constituted a sacred precinct as defined by a priest, or augur.

How many types of temple styles are there?

The two major styles of temple architecture in the country are known as Nagara in the north and Dravidian in the south. The third style, Vesara Style, is fusion of Nagara and Dravidian style of architecture.