What Indian food can you freeze?

Dals and subzis are perhaps the most obvious choices to freeze. From Black Bean Dal to Shahi Dal, from Usal to Nawabi Curry, from Rasam to Sambhar, you can stock almost all Indian curries in the freezer. For dals and sambhar, you can probably add the tempering before serving, to get a fresh aroma.

Can you freeze homemade Indian food?

It is difficult to list dishes individually, but most meats, chicken dishes, curries, stews, casseroles, will freeze okay. 3. Cooked fish will not freeze well, unless you have made kebas/koftas. Fish flesh breaks up very quickly.

What curries can you freeze?

Generally stew-type dishes such as curries freeze well as there is plenty of liquid to cover the meat and vegetables and this reduces the risk of freezer burn (where the food dries out at the edges). Tomato and stock based curries freeze particularly well.

How long can Indian food be frozen?

You can pack them in an airtight bag or container and store them in the freezer for 10-12 days. The deep-fried food items will stay alright for a few extra days, but try to eat them as soon as possible. Regarding kebabs, you can freeze them too, but they won’t last as long as deep-fried snacks.

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Does tikka masala freeze well?

To Freeze Chicken Tikka Masala:

Cook and cool the dish completely. Place it into an airtight container, plastic zip-top bags, or freezable glass meal prep bowls . Transfer the containers to the freezer and it should stay good for up to 3 months!

Does Dal freeze well?

Dahl is the perfect solution to any cooking problems. It’s tasty, very filling and good for you too and on top of that, you can keep it frozen for up to six months. This is perfect if you have bulk cooked a batch of dahl and want to have portions on hand whenever you need them.

How do you store Indian vegetables in the freezer?

Pack fruit and vegetables in air-tight containers or moisture-proof, heavy-duty freezer bags, and force out as much air as possible. Wrap freezer bags in heavy-duty foil and seal with freezer tape. Stay away from plastic sandwich bags, which are not heavy-duty enough.

How do you freeze Indian vegetables?

When the time is up—brightened color is a good indication—immerse the vegetables in the ice bath. When they are completely cooled down, pat them dry. Seal them in a freezer bag. Leave a little room for the product to expand during the freezing process.

How do you reheat frozen Indian food?

Put cold water in a bowl and place your frozen curry packet in the water. Change the water in the container after every 30 minutes. Using this method, you can defrost the Indian food in about 7-8 hours. After defrosting, reheat the food in the microwave or a pan.

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Does Indian food freeze well?

Idlis freeze beautifully. Popping them in the microwave results in soft idlis that are as good as new. Curries containing beans and with a tomato-onion base freeze well, like chana masala (chhole) and rajma.

Can I freeze a takeaway curry?

The first important thing to do if you want to freeze curry is to make sure your curry is completely cold before you freeze it. … If the curry came from a restaurant or takeaway be sure that it was not made using meat that had been frozen before cooking. You should never freeze meat twice.

Can I freeze curry and rice?

It might surprise you, but yes, it is possible to freeze rice. … If it is dry rice, such as curry rice, it is possible to freeze it, however separately from the meat and the curry sauce. On the contrary, if it is rice cooked from the broth, then it cannot be frozen anyhow.