What is Article 238 of the Indian constitution?

Category of Bare Act Name of the Act Year of Promulgation
The States in part B of the first schedule Ministry of Law And Justice Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms

What is meant by Article 238?

Broadly the then article 238 dealt with the provisions of administration in Part-B states. In detail it actually dealt with the application of provisions of Part VI of the Constitution which includes the governor, state executives, etc.

What was Article 379 of Indian Constitution?

Section 379 in The Indian Penal Code. 379. Punishment for theft. —Whoever commits theft shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.

What is Article 370 of Indian Constitution in English?

Article 370 of the Indian constitution gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, a region located in the northern part of Indian subcontinent which was administered by India as a state from 1954 to 31 October 2019, conferring it with the power to have a separate constitution, a state flag and autonomy over the internal …

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What is Article 152 of the Indian constitution?

Title: Executive power of State

Description: (1) The executive power of the State shall be vested in the Governor and shall be exercised by him either directly or through officers subordinate to him in accordance with this Constitution.

What are the provisions of Article 238?

Rep. by the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956, s.

Article 238 Constitution of India: Repealed.

Category of Bare Act Name of the Act Year of Promulgation
36 1975-04-26 7
Chapter Title Ministry Department
The States in part B of the first schedule Ministry of Law And Justice Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms

What is Article 338 A?

Article 338 of the Constitution provides for the appointment of a Special Officer for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who is charged with the duty to investigate all matters relating to the safeguards provided for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes under the Cons- titution and to report to the …

What is the Article 34?

Article 34: It provides for the restrictions on fundamental rights while martial law is in force in any area within the territory of India. … The martial law is imposed under extraordinary circumstances like war, invasion, insurrection, rebellion, riot or any violent resistance to law.

What is the Article 395?

The Indian Independence Act, 1947, and the Government of India Act, 1935, together with all enactments amending or supplementing the latter Act, but not including the Abolition of Privy Council Jurisdiction Act, 1949, are hereby repealed.

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What is the Article 280?

In 1992, Article 280 was amended to expand the duties of the Finance Commission – to make recommendations to the President on increasing funds in the Consolidated Fund of a State to supplement the resources of the Panchayats and Municipalities in the State on the basis of the recommendations made by the Finance …

Has Article 370 Been Removed?

In April 2018, the Supreme Court of India ruled that Article 370 had attained permanency since the state constituent assembly has ceased to exist. To overcome this legal challenge, the Indian government instead rendered Article 370 as ‘inoperative’ even though it still exists in the constitution.

Who wrote Article 370?

Ayyangar was the chief drafter of Article 370 which granted local autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

What are advantages of Article 370?

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Advantages of Scrapping Article 370 Disadvantages of Scrapping Article 370
Authorities are in a better position to curb terrorism and instill peace in the Valley Safety of Kashmiri girls is questioned. Certain Hindu fascists have threatened to marry girls of the region. This is outrightly sexist.