What is current date for EB1 India?

EB-1 EB-2
India Current 9/01/11 +6 months
Mexico Current Current
Philippines Current Current
Vietnam Current Current

Will eb3 India move forward in 2021?

The cutoff date for EB-3 India has moved from January 1, 2013, in June 2021, to July 1, 2013, in August 2021. This is a welcome advancement of six months. For China, the date has remained the same as July 2021 visa bulletin, the cutoff date continues to be January 1, 2019. 4.

Will eb1 China become current in 2021?

EB-1 All countries will remain current in October. EB-2 China will move forward by 3 months to July 1, 2018. … EB-5 The Non-Regional Center program remain current for all countries except China. The Regional Center program expired on June 30, 2021 and has yet to be extended by Congress.

How do I know my eb1 priority date?

You can find your priority date on the I-797 form mailed by USCIS approving your I-130 petition. Current: In the context of the visa bulletin, “current” means no backlog and no wait time for a green card. A particular priority date becomes “current” once it reaches the front of the line and a green card is available.

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What is final action date for eb1?

What are “Final Action Dates” in Visa Bulletin? The “final action dates” or “application final action dates” are the dates when the actual green card numbers are available for that category & country of birth, so that the final Green Cards or immigrant visas can be issued.

Will EB3 India move forward in 2022?

EB3 will not reach 2016 in 2022. Be ready with documents. The dates have remained the same for the final action chart in Oct 2021 bulletin as already shared by Mr. … Mexico and Phillipines will get the Final Action date again which means that horizontal spillover to India and China will be reduced further.

How many EB3 India applications are pending?

Per CATO Institute, Estimations show that that there are around 560,000+ applications pending in the EB2 category for FY2020. Similarly for EB3 India category 130,000+ applications are in backlog.

Is EB1 current for India?

EB-1 China and EB-1 India will remain current. EB-2 China will advance by three months to July 1, 2018, and EB-2 India will advance by three months to September 1, 2011. EB-3 India will advance by six months to January 1, 2014, while EB-3 China will remain at January 8, 2019.

How long EB1 will be current?

Generally, the government processing time for the EB-1 Visa is about 8 months. Once the EB-1 has been approved, the government takes about 6 months to issue permanent residence. These times are only available if the EB-1 category is current. Applicants can check category status at the DOS Visa Bulletin.

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How long does EB1 Green Card take for India?

Generally, the government processing time for an EB-1 petition is about 8 months. Once the I-140 has been approved, the government takes about 6 months to issue the permanent residence card.

What happens if I move to India after I-140 approved?

Yes, you can go back to India. You should opt for Consular Processing (instead of Adjustment Of Status) while filing 140 (if you want to process your GC further when your PD is current being out side USA). You can file 485 only if you are in USA.

Will EB1 become current?

The final action dates for the EB-1 category are current for all countries including China and India. Final action dates for EB-2 China have moved forward by 3 months to July 1, 2018, and EB-2 India advances by six months. … The rest of the EB-5 countries are current.

Can we change from eb2 to EB1?

EB-2 to EB-1 Porting Process

In order to be considered eligible for the upgrade, however, you must not only obtain the necessary qualifications for one of the EB-1 categories, but you must also obtain a job that fits your newfound qualifications. … Then, his employer can file a second I-140 under the new EB-1 category.

Can final action dates retrogress?

Q: Do you expect any of the employment based final action dates for India to retrogress for EB-2/EB-3? No. The final action dates which are in place at this time will be the minimum going through the month of September.

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What is the difference between priority date and filing date?

The filing date is the date when a patent application is first filed at a patent office. The priority date, sometimes called the “effective filing date”, is the date used to establish the novelty and/or obviousness of a particular invention relative to other art.

What is EB1 category?

EB1 Visa (also known as Einstein Visa) is an employment based green card available to foreign nationals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether the sciences, the arts, education, business, or athletics.