What is the smallest administrative unit in India?

Gram Panchayat found in Villages and rural areas are the smallest administrative units where decisions are taken collectively.

What is the lowest level of administration in India?

The lowest primary administrative units of administration are the villages in rural areas and towns in urban areas. At the time of Census 2001, there were about 6.39 lakh villages in the country, out of which about 44,856 have been uninhabited villages.

Who represents the small administrative units of a city?

The population living in the urban areas comprises the urban population of the country. All the villages and towns usually form part of a sub – district. There are however towns which extend beyond the limits of a district (e.g., Delhi, Srinagar, etc.).

Which is the main administrative Centre of India?

Delhi, the capital of India, is the largest metropolis in India. It has its own Legislative Assembly, Lieutenant Governor, Council of Ministers and Chief Minister. Area wise the four largest states in descending order are: Rajasthan> Madhya Pradesh> Maharashtra> Andhra Pradesh.

What is difference between district or city?

The difference between the two varies from country to country. A city is defined as a large and permanent settlement. It covers a significant area of land that has a shared historical background. … A district is defined as an administrative division, which in some countries is managed by the local government.

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What is district example?

The definition of a district is a region set aside or grouped together as one specific area for political or administrative purposes. An area of a town that gets to elect one particular mayor that all in the area must share is an example of a district. … The business district.

Which state of India has only 4 districts?

List of Districts of India State Wise

S.no States and Union Territories in India No. of Districts
19 Orissa 30
20 Punjab 22
21 Rajasthan 33
22 Sikkim 4

Which is the national capital of India?

Which is the 29th state in India?

Telangana was created on 2 June 2014 from ten former districts of north-western Andhra Pradesh.