When did Alexander return from India?

As the Greeks approached Sind, the king of the Mousikanos offered brave resistance. Finally, however, Alexander reached the end of the Indus delta at the mouth of that river. It was in September 325 B.C. that Alexander left with a part of his army by land route from a place near modern Karachi on his homeward journey.

When did Alexander leave India?

Ambhi (Greek: Omphis), ruler of Taxila, whose kingdom extended from the Indus to the Jhelum (Greek: Hydaspes), complied. At the end of the spring of 327 BC, Alexander started on his Indian expedition leaving Amyntas behind with 3,500 horse and 10,000 foot soldiers to hold the land of the Bactrians.

Why did Alexander turn back?

During the Indian invasion, Alexander’s army had to suffer severe hardships. The army was also away from home for a very long time so the soldiers were eager to go back. Therefore, they rebelled, against Alexander and he was forced to go back to Greece.

Who was the first king of India?

Ans: Chandragupta Maurya was the first king/ruler of Ancient India.

Does Alexander came to India?

Hint: Alexander came to India in 326 BC. Alexander had conquered Asia Minor along with Iran and Iraq. He then marched into northwest India from Iran. Haryankas- Haryanka Dynasty was believed to be the second dynasty of the Magadha Empire.

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