When did Indian parliament passed it act?

The Information Technology Act, 2000 (also known as ITA-2000, or the IT Act) is an Act of the Indian Parliament (No 21 of 2000) notified on 17 October 2000. It is the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce.

When was the IT Act passed?


Act ID: 200021
Act Number: 21
Enactment Date: 2000-06-09
Act Year: 2000
Short Title: The Information Technology Act, 2000

Which one of the following law was passed in 1945 by the Indian government?

6. Which one of the following law was passed in 1945 by the Indian Government? Explanation: Drug enquiring committee was established in 1931. The drugs and cosmetics rules were passed in 1945, it regulates the manufacturing, export and clinical research of drugs and cosmetics in India.

How many act are there in India?

As of January 2017, there were about 1,248 laws. However, since there are Central laws as well as State laws, it is difficult to ascertain their exact numbers as on a given date and the best way to find the Central Laws in India is from the official websites.

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What is Section 67 of IT Act?

” Section 67 requires the matter sent to be “lascivious or lewd” and appeal to one’s “prurient interest…or deprave a person. ” It attracts up to three years’ imprisonment. The matter could be “video files, audio files, text messaged, animation etc” said the Judge.

WHY WAS IT Act 2000 introduced in India?

This article gives a gist of The Information Technology Act, 2000. However the main motive of this Act is to provide legal recognition for transactions carried out by means of electronic data interchange and other means of electronic communication commonly known as E-commerce.

What is Article 45 of the Indian Constitution?

Article 45 Constitution of India: Provision for early childhood care and education to children below the age of six years. [The State shall endeavours to provide early childhood care and education for all children until they complete the age of six years.] 1. … Provision for free and compulsory education for children.

What is 104th Amendment Act?

The Constitution of India’s One Hundred and Fourth Amendment (104th Constitutional Amendment Act) extended by ten years the deadline for the cessation of reservation of seats in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies for members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

How many laws are there in Indian 2020?

Currently, the Constitution of India has 448 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules. There are 104 amendments that have been made in the Indian constitution up to January 25, 2020. The very first amendment in the Indian Constitution was made in 1950.

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Who framed the Constitution of India?

On 29 August, 1947, the Constituent Assembly set up a Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to prepare a Draft Constitution for India.