Where do Indians stay in Dallas?

Where do most Indians stay in Dallas?

Most Indians live in suburbs northwest, north, and east of Dallas. Many Indians work for telecommunications companies, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and Texas Instruments, and Asian Indians tend to live near their workplaces. They also tend to live in public school districts with good reputations.

What percent of Dallas is Indian?

Racial, ethnic and cultural statistics

At the 2010 census the racial makeup of Dallas was 50.7% White, 25.0% Black or African American, 0.5% Native American, 2.9% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 17.2% from other races, and 2.7% from two or more races. 42.4% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race.

What part of Dallas is best to live in?

The best neighborhoods in Dallas

  • Uptown. As the name suggests, Dallas’ Uptown district offers the true urban living experience in the heart of the Big D. …
  • Bishop Arts District. …
  • Oak Lawn. …
  • University Park. …
  • Preston Hollow. …
  • Lakewood. …
  • Addison. …
  • Colleyville.

Which city in Texas has most Indians?

Houston is home to one of the largest Asian Indian communities in the state. From 1950 to 1965, Houston was the temporary home for a small number of Indians coming to the city to work for a few years before returning to their home country.

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What percent of Dallas is black?

Race & Ethnicity

City of Dallas %
Non-Hispanic White 381,559 28.5%
Non-Hispanic Black 322,074 24.0%
Hispanic 561,455 41.9%
Non-Hispanic Other Race 76,015 5.7%

Is it better to live in Dallas or Austin?

Austin’s cost of living proves higher than Dallas’; it’s 30% higher than the national average and 17.2% higher than the cost of living in Dallas. Real estate prices account for the biggest cost-related difference between Austin and Dallas, as the median home price in Dallas is lower than in Austin.

What is good salary in Dallas?

A survey from Purdue University and GoBankingRates.com found that you need an annual salary of $113,085 to be happy in Dallas. It also found that people need to be making between $64,620 and $80,775 annually for their emotional well-being.

What is the safest area of Dallas?

Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas for 2020

Rank Neighborhood Population
1 University Park 24,259
2 Highland Park 8,797
3 Farmers Market District 1,688
4 City Center District 1,636

Where should you not live in Texas?

Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Towns In Texas To Live In

  • Weslaco. Isaac Monter/Wikipedia. …
  • Texarkana. Billy Hathorn/Wikipedia. …
  • Lufkin. Billy Hathorn/Wikipedia. …
  • Edinburg. Wikipedia/Danny20111993. …
  • San Antonio. The Jacobin/Wikipedia. …
  • Lubbock. Redraiderengineer/Wikipedia. …
  • Houston. Henry Han/Wikipedia. …
  • Beaumont.