Which city is known as Radio city of India?

City Bangalore
Broadcast area National
Branding Radio City
Slogan Rag rag mein daude city

In which of the following cities the first private channel of FM radio was started?

Notes: Bangalore was the first city to start its private channel of fm radio. It was Radio City Bangalore. It started on July 3, 2001, and became India’s first private FM radio station.

In which city the first FM channel was started?

FM broadcasting began on 23 July 1977 in Chennai, then Madras, and was expanded during the 1990s, nearly 50 years after it mushroomed in the US. The country first experimented with private FM broadcasts in the small tourist destination of Goa and the large metropolitan areas of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

Who is the owner of Radio Mirchi?

Who were the first Rockettes?

The origins of the Rockettes, the world’s most famous precision dance team, can be traced to 1925, when impresario Russell Markert of St. Louis, Missouri, billed a group of women dancers as the Missouri Rockets.

Who introduced radio in India?

Lionel Fielden was the first controller of Broadcasting in India. He was a senior BBC producer who spent five years in India as the controller of broadcasting and one of the main people who established All India Radio (AIR). It came under the control of the Government of India in 1936.

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