Which state is the largest producer of cumin in India?

Characteristic Production in thousand metric tons

Where is cumin grown India?

It is estimated India accounts for 70 per cent of the global cumin seed production. Within the country, Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two top cumin seed-producing states with 90 per cent national production share (see table: Annual production of cumin seed in Gujarat and Rajasthan).

Which state is famous for cumin seeds?

Rajasthan and Gujarat were the only major Indian states that produced cumin. Of these, Gujarat produced nearly 330 thousand metric tons in fiscal year 2020. The total production of cumin that year amounted to 546 thousand metric tons, over an area of 841 thousand hectares.

What is the rate of Jeera?

Questions & Answers on Cumin Seeds

Packaging Size Min Price Max Price
100g Rs 165/Kg Rs 240/Kg
50g Rs 180/Kg Rs 200/Kg

What is the price of 1kg Jeera?

Naturewell Cumin seeds , Jeera , Jeera Sabut , Whole Cumin Seeds … Naturewell JEERA SAFED – JIRA – CUMINUM CYMINUM – CUMIN SEEDS (10…

RBR Jeera (Cumin Seeds) 1Kg (1000 g)

Brand RBR
Type Seed
Form Factor Whole
Quantity 1000 g
Container Type Pouch
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