Who built ancient temples in India?

Who built the first temple in India?

This brought in the tradition of worshiping Gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in temples. So the people started to worship these deities in the cave temples. The earliest example of this kind was a cave temple that was built in around 400 B.C. at Bhaje containing images of learned Parasurama with Indra and Surya.

Which kings built beautiful temples?

Chennakeshava Temple, Karnataka

It was built by the Vijayanagara ruler to commemorate their victory over the Cholas and is solely dedicated to Vishnu as most of the figural carvings depict aspects of Vishnu, particularly the incarnations and the God seated with Lakshmi.

Why do Hindu temples face east?

Since there was no electricity in the olden says and the houses were tiny and small, the source of natural light was sunlight from the windows. … So made it sense to keep the idols in the west side of the room facing the east so that when the sunlight fell on the Gods idols, at least one could see their faces.

Why were temples and mosques beautifully constructed 7?

Temples and mosques were beautifully constructed because of the following reasons: They were the places of worship. They also meant to demonstrate power, wealth and devotion of the patron- mostly the kings and emperors.

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