Who has complimented Samudragupta as the Indian Napoleon ‘?

AV Smith complimented Samudragupta as the Indian Napoleon. Samudragupta embarked upon a policy of conquest. In fact, Digvijay became the ultimate call of his life. For his military achievements, he has been aptly complemented by the historian AV Smith as the Indian Napoleon.

Who introduced Gupta Sambat?


Who is the Indian Alexander?

Lalitaditya, the Alexander of India.

Why is Samudragupta famous?

Samudragupta (reigned 350-375) was the second emperor of the Gupta dynasty of India. His reign ushered in the Golden Age of India, and he is remembered both as a benevolent imperial conqueror and as a patron of the arts and letters.

What is Gupta Saka?

As the ruler of the Gupta Empire, he is known for forging alliances with many powerful families in the Ganges region. The well known Gupta era which commenced on February 26, 320 AD is generally attributed to Chandragupta I.

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