Who is the head of all forces in India?

Indian Armed Forces
Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar, IAS
Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat
Military age 18

Who is the head of all three forces in India?

The heads of the three services of Indian Armed Forces are: Chief of Defence Staff — General Bipin Rawat. Chief of the Army Staff — General Manoj Mukund Naravane. Chief of the Naval Staff — Admiral Karambir Singh.

Which is the No 1 force in India?

1. MARCOS. MARCOS (Marine Commandos), is a special forces unit that was raised by the Indian Navy in 1987 for direct action, special reconnaissance, amphibious warfare and counter-terrorism.

Who is the Major of Indian Army?

Major general is a two-star general officer rank in the Indian Army. It is the third-highest active rank in the Indian Army.

Major general (India)

Major general
Rank Two-star rank
Next higher rank Lieutenant general
Next lower rank Brigadier
Equivalent ranks Rear admiral (Indian Navy) Air vice marshal (Indian Air Force)

Which country has toughest army training?

China has world’s strongest military; India at number four: Military Direct’s study.

What is Army full form?

An ARMY can be defined as a land force or a ground force that fights primarily on land. In broad sense, it is the land-based service branch, military branch, or armed service of a state or nation. … However, we can say that the Full form of Army is Alert Regular Mobility Young.

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