Why are Indians so good in coding?

So, they have a good foundation for problem-solving as well as logic building. This helps a lot in the coding process. Because Indians have always been good in Maths, they are good programmers and coders.

Is coding a good career in India?

The need for medical coders will only rise with the increasing demand for quality economical healthcare services. With its fixed hours, job security and reasonable pay, it has earned the status of being a respected lucrative career choice. The scope for medical coding is increasing exponentially in India.

Why is Indian programming so popular?

There are high rate of autistic people in India and this is the reason why many good programmers are from India. Programmers like to do repetitive task such as finding bugs, testing software where Asperger or HFA people can do this tasks without feeling bored.

How difficult is coding?

No, coding is not hard to learn. Much like any other skill, learning how to code requires time and persistence. The difficulty will depend on the programming language itself and what kind of software you’d like to make. You’re ready to make a career change and become a programmer.

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What age is good to learn coding?

Conclusion. Introducing children to coding in their early elementary years is the best age for a child to start coding. This way, they will use the perfect cognitive moment to sow seeds for more complex knowledge later. Many great coders started learning around the age of 5 or 6.

Is coding mandatory in India?

In India, the NEP 2020 has made coding a mandatory subject from class 6. “Children as young as six or seven can start learning the basics of programming as this is the elevation period of creativity.

Who is the best coder in India?

Top 10 Programmers To Follow On Youtube

  • Krish Naik. Subscribers: 278,000. …
  • Abhishek Thakur. Subscribers: 35,800. …
  • Harrison Kinsley. Subscribers: 987,000. …
  • Srivatsan Srinivasan. Subscribers: 31,100. …
  • Dhaval Patel. Subscribers: 208, 000. …
  • Kevin Markham. Subscribers: 158,000. …
  • Code With Harry. Subscribers: 870,000. …
  • Ken Jee.

Why are all coding tutorials Indian?

A lot of Indians from rural areas see IT as a means to earn money and as a result improve their socio-economic standings. And where there is demand, supply eventually catches up. Since many people want to ride the IT wave in India, tutorials teaching programming are bound to pop up.

Do Indians know how do you code?

Outside India, one in three kids typically begin learning to code before they turn 15. In India, only one in 10 do. In a country that churns out over 1.5 million engineers each year, that means Indian children are playing catch up with the rest of the world right from the beginning, according to data from HackerRank.

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Who is No 1 coder?

1. Dennis Ritchie: Dennis Ritchie “Father of the C programming language” who also created UNIX operating system along with his long-time colleague Ken Thompson. He was an American Computer Scientist.

Who is the world’s best coder?

Based on that input, here are 14 people commonly cited as the world’s best living programmer.

  • Craig Murphy. Jon Skeet. …
  • Ishandutta2007. Gennady Korotkevich. …
  • REUTERS/Jarno Mela/Lehtikuva. Linus Torvalds. …
  • Google. Jeff Dean. …
  • QuakeCon. John Carmack. …
  • Jiel Beaumadier. Richard Stallman. …
  • Facebook. Petr Mitrechev. …
  • Duff. Fabrice Bellard.

Who is code with Harry?

Code with Harry Biography

Full Name Haris Khan (Harris Khan)
Education B Tech, M Tech (B Tech, M Tech)
College IIT Kharagpur (I IT Kharagpur)
Present Live Place Uttar Pradesh Rampur Rampur Uttar Pradesh
Work Software Engineer , web developer, Programmer