Why was trade with India profitable for the European traders?

Trading with India was highly profitable for European traders because: The fine qualities of silk and cotton attracted them to india. Indian Spices like pepper, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon were in great demand in Europe. They bought goods at a cheap price from India and sold them at a high price in Europe.

Why did many European companies wanted to trade with India?

Apart from cotton and silk produced in India, European trading companies were attracted to India for its wide variety of spices. Spices like clove, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom were produced in India and all these spices were of great demand in Europe.

How did European companies trade with India?

European trading companies ventured across the oceans so as to look new lands from where they could buy goods at a cheap price, and carry them back to Europe to sell at higher price. The fine qualities of cotton and silk produced in India had a big market in Europe.

What was the main item that European traders bought from India?

Answer: Indigo, silk, saltpetre, rice, cotton fabrics, opium were the main articles of their export trade from India.

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Why were the European traders successful in establishing their rule in India?

Answer: The Europeans valued the Pearls, gold, silver, spices, textiles that came from India! Europe was hungry for trade with India, but the Ottoman Empire was on the way blocking all the land routes. … In 1498 Vasco Da Gamma tried to find a sea route by sailing around Africa to reach India.

Who attracted Europeans to trade in India?

Answer: The East India Company saw great opportunities in trade with India. The company could buy goods at a cheaper rate in India and carry” them back to Europe to sell at a higher price. This was the main charm which attracted the company to India.

Why did European traders come to India Class 7?

Q19: Why did European traders come to India? Ans: Indian spices and cloth sold in the Red Sea ports reached European markets, and became an important part of European lifestyle. This drew European traders to India.

Why did European traders become jealous of India?

Answer: Here, we are giving brief accounts on the arrival of Europeans in India. It was the Portuguese who first discovered a direct sea route to India. … Arab traders became jealous of the rise and success of the Portuguese and hence caused enmity bred between the Portuguese and the local king Zamorin.

Who was the first traders to come to India?

Portuguese were the first Europeans to start trade with India. After the fall of Ottoman Empire and capture of Constantinople in 1453 it became difficult for Europeans to trade with India via land route.

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Which were the Indian goods very much in demand in the European countries?

Answer: Explanation: Apart from raise in a collection of farm revenues, spices, cotton and indigo of the Indian market were in great demand in Europe during the 18th century.