You asked: Does all Indian food have curry in it?

In fact, you won’t find curry powder in authentic Indian dishes—it’s a British adaptation—though there is another spice mix that is essential. In Indian cuisine, the most important ingredient is a mix of spices collectively known as garam masala.

Why is all Indian food called curry?

Curry is a word invented by the British back when they ruled India. It is the anglicized version of the Tamil word kari, meaning sauce and is now commonly used to describe almost any food of South Asian origin. … The word curry invokes an image of warm, spicy, delicious food.

What is the most popular curry dish?

Jalfrezi overtakes tikka masala as ‘most popular curry’

Is a Balti curry hot?

Because there are no definitive ingredients, there is no definitive level of spiciness, especially as different forms of curry flavour can be cooked in a balti style. Most standard baltis however are cooked to a medium level of spice, hotter than a korma or a pasanda, but less spicy than a jalfrezi or madras.

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