You asked: Which among the following States produces 60% salt of India?

Gujarat produces about 70 percent of the total salt, followed by Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Where is most salt produced in India?

India is the third largest producer of salt in the world. The top five salt-producing states in India are Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat contributes a whopping 76 per cent of India’s total salt production, thanks to its arid climate and large land availability.

Which state produces the most salt?

Michigan produces more than five million tons of salt each year, which makes it the largest salt producing state of America. Second is New York state, producing three and a half million tons of salt each year.

Which is the best salt in India?

The list is as under:

  • #4 Sendha namak. …
  • #5 Sea salt. …
  • #6 Table salt. …
  • #7 Alaea salt. …
  • #8 Celery salt. …
  • #1 Tata Salt. …
  • #2 Saffola Salt. Just like oil, Saffola is also one of the most famous Sea Salt Brands in India. …
  • #3 Catch salt. Catch salt is Table Salt used in many Indian kitchens for cooking daily foods.

Who is the largest producer of salt?


Rank Country/Region % of world production
1 China 22.48 %
2 United States 14.54 %
3 India 8.86 %
4 Germany 6.88 %
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Does India import salt from Pakistan?

Pardeep Sehgal, a trader who used to import rock salt, said Indian traders were procuring rock salt at Rs 2 per kg from Pakistan. … The Indian government has raised the customs duty on the import of goods from Pakistan by 200 per cent following the attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama on February 14.

Which state is famous for rubber cultivation?

Production of Natural Rubber

State-wise production of NR (Tonne)
State 2015-16 2018-19 (P)
Kerala 438630 490460
Tamil Nadu 19495 21500
Traditional Total 458125 511960

Is salt in India iodised?

To combat the risk of IDD, salt is fortified with iodine. … Of the 325 districts surveyed in India so far, 263 are IDD-endemic. The current household level iodized salt coverage in India is 91 per cent with 71 per cent households consuming adequately iodized salt.

How is salt transported India?

About 57 per cent of salt for human consumption moves by rail and the rest by road. As regards industrial consumption, 89 per cent of the movement takes place by road, 7 per cent by rail and the rest 4 per cent by coastal shipment. Railway Board under its office memorandum No. 2005/TT-III/12/7 New Delhi, Dt.