You asked: Why is cotton textile industry in Ahmedabad the largest industry in India today?

The cotton textile industry is the largest industry in India today. … (iii) This industry has a close links with agriculture and provides a living to farmers,cotton boll pluckers and workers engaged in ginning, spinning, weaving,dyeing, designing, packaging, tailoring and sewing.

Why is the cotton textile industry the largest industry in India today?

(i) Cotton textile industry contributes 14 percent of the total industrial production. (ii) It provides employment to 35 million persons directly – the second largest after agriculture. (iii) It earns foreign exchange of about 24.6 percent (4 percent of GDP).

Why most of the cotton textile industry are located in Ahmedabad?

It is cheaper comparatively in Ahmedabad and the cheaper labor can be found in Ahmedabad. The labor cost in Mumbai is very high. The other reason is that the cost of the factory is cheaper in Ahmedabad in comparison to Mumbai and the production is cheaper in Ahmedabad because of the availability of local people.

Why is cotton textile industry the largest industry in India today describe any 3 major problems faced by it?

Three problems faced by cotten textile industries in India are as follows : (i) power supply is erratic and machineries are back dated. (ii) Out put of labour is low. (iii) Facing stiff competition with the synthetic fibre industry.

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Which is the largest textile industry in India?

1. Arvind Ltd. Arvind Ltd is one of the largest Textile Companies in India.

What are the main problems faced by cotton textile industry?


  • Machinery is obsolete.It needs to be upgraded in weaving and processing sectors.
  • There is erratic power supply and this industry requires a good power supply for its growth.
  • There is a stiff competition among synthetic fibre industry because synthetic fibre is available at cheap rates.

What are the main problems of cotton textile industry?

What problems are faced by the cotton textile industry?

  • Power supply remains erratic, thereby, affecting its production.
  • Machinery needs to be upgraded in the weaving and processing sectors particularly.
  • There is lower output of labour, since they are not skilled in their jobs.