Your question: How much coal does India buy from Australia?

Australia’s thermal coal exports to India were 1.87 million tonnes in December 2020, up 450% from 340,000 tonnes in December 2019, according to data from commodity price reporting agency Argus.

Does India buy coal from Australia?

Australia, already India’s biggest supplier of metallurgical coal, accounted for around 20% of India’s thermal coal imports in the first two months of 2021, up from a little over 4% on average in 2020, according to data from Lavi Coal Info.

What percentage of coal does India import?

By the financial year 2021, the share of coal imports in major imports was estimated at 4.5 percent. However, according to the Central Electricity Authority of India, about 50 percent of the country’s power supply will be generated by renewable energy sources by the year 2030.

Characteristic Percentage share

Where does India import coal from?


India coking coal imports
Canada 321 3,415
Mozambique 271 1,919
Indonesia 119 1,671
Russia 73 1,065

Which countries buy coal from Australia?

India became the second-biggest buyer of Australian thermal coal in February, according to data from consultancy Lavi Coal Info, as it bought less coal from its traditional suppliers Indonesia and South Africa.

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Why does India need coal from Australia?

India’s need for more high-quality thermal coal is likely to grow significantly. While India has lots of its own thermal coal resources, its coals are much less energy rich than Australian coals and typically contain more ash. … Seaborne coal from Australia has the chance to complement India’s domestic coal industry.

Does India import coal?

India’s coal import rose 30.3 per cent to 22.27 million tonnes in April amid supply concerns and demand for pre-monsoon restocking of dry fuel.

How long coal will last in India?

In a report, earlier this month, the Indian parliament’s standing committee on energy noted that that the total coal resource of the country is 344.02 billion tonnes but at the present rate of excavation of coal, “which is around 729 million tonnes annually, this reserve can last for more than 400 years.”

Does India import electricity?

Presently India is importing 1.5 GW hydropower from Bhutan, and also exporting around 500 MW to Pakistan; 120-150 MW to Nepal and around 500 MW to Bangladesh. During 2017-22, import has been projected at 8 GW mostly from Bhutan, and possibly Nepal as well.

Does India have coking coal?

India can import at least 50 per cent coking coal from Russia and balance from other countries.” “This will make the cost effective blend of coking coal for making metallurgical coke.” Around 85 per cent of India’s coking coal demand is met through imports.

Does China buy coal from Australia?

China, the world’s biggest importer, producer and consumer of coal, has effectively ended imports from Australia, the biggest shipper of coking coal used to make steel and number two in thermal coal used to produce electricity, as part of an ongoing political dispute between the two nations.

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Why did China ban coal imports from Australia?

China informally banned Australian coal after Canberra called for an independent investigation into the origins of Covid-19. … China received a record 33.5pc of Australian exports during January-November 2020, up from a previous record of 30pc in 2019, according to the Australian bureau of statistics.