Your question: Is Jasmine an Indian name?

As a name, Jasmine is of English origin, referring to the plant of the same name. However, in terms of etymology, the word jasmine is of Persian origin (in Persian: Yasmin). … Today, Jasmine is one of the most popular names in the Western world and has numerous spellings.

Is Jasmine a Hindu name?

Jasmine is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Jasmine name meanings is Name of a flower plant.

What does the Indian name Jasmine mean?

The name Jasmine is a girl’s name of Persian origin meaning “gift from God”. Jasmine was derived from the Persian word yasmin, referring to the jasmine flower.

Is Jasmine a Pakistani name?

It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Persian. The lucky number of Jazmin name is 1.

Jazmin Name Meaning.

Name Jazmin
Meaning Jasmine Flower.
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 1
Language Persian

What religion is the name Jasmine?

Jasmine Name – Meaning & Details

Name Jasmine
Religion Christian
Gender Girl
Meaning Name of a fragrant flower
Origin American

Is Jasmine a unisex name?

Jasmine is an English feminine given name.

Jasmine (given name)

Gender Female
Word/name Persian (ultimate origin)
Meaning god’s gift, coming from the flower
Other names
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What is the meaning of Jasmine Kaur?

Jasmeet-Kaur. God; Princess; To Meet God; Singing. Sikh. Jasmeh. Absorbed in Praising God.

Does jasmine mean gift from God?

Jazmin is an Americanized respelling of the French/Arabic female name Jasmine, from the old Persian “yasamin”, the name of the flowering plant of the olive genus. The Jasmine is a very fragrant climbing flower and a symbol of elegance and grace. In Arabic, Jasmine means ‘gift from God’.

What does Yasmeen mean in Islam?

The name Yasmeen is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Jasmine Flower.