Your question: What is the difference between Indian education system and foreign education system?

Difference between Indian and Foreign Education System. Indian education focuses more on theory rather than practical. Indian education system doesn’t allow creativity. Whereas in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning.

Is Indian education system better than us?

Indians believe in formal learning in a school environment. … The number of students per class are much higher in Indian schools. Uniforms are given high priority and adhered to strictly in Indian schools as compared with US where most schools do not have uniforms and dress codes are very flexible.

What is the difference between India and foreign countries?

⏩ The main difference between India and other countries is India has a special feature named as UNITY IN DIVERSITY. ⏩ People in India treat every one as a family member. … ⏩ India is the largest democratic country in the world. ⏩ Unlike other countries Indians give more priority to relations.

Which country has better education system than India?

South Korea, China, and Singapore have outstanding education systems and are considered some of the best in the whole world. Here is what sets them apart and what India can learn from them. South Korea, China and Singapore have outstanding education systems and are considered some of the best in the whole world.

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What is the Indian system of education?

The school system in India has four levels: lower primary (age 6 to 10), upper primary (11 and 12), high (13 to 15) and higher secondary (17 and 18). The lower primary school is divided into five “standards”, upper primary school into two, high school into three and higher secondary into two.

Why is the Indian education system bad?

With outdated pedagogy, an examination-centric approach, problematic curriculum, emphasis on rote learning, lack of holistic education, low priority to extracurricular activities and numerous other issues plague schools in India, thus leading to the failure to provide effective education.

Which country education system is best?

Education System

Sl no The country with Top Education Systems
1 Finland
2 Japan
3 South Korea
4 Denmark

Is UK education better than India?

India is better than the UK for undergraduate courses (in terms of cost only). And the UK definitely has an edge over India when it comes to graduate studies and doctoral studies. … Education in India is more like a formality and done as a part of the routine.

Why is Indian education system good?

The best part of Indian Education system was and is in its ‘Rote Learning’- Kanthastha, as it was in ancient India. This stimulates the mind, body, soul. … It is such a holistic educational system. Moreover, there are several political heads, which form a great gap between the Indian government and the common people.

Which country education is toughest?

Following countries are well known for their toughest education system across the globe:

  • South Korea.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Finland.
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Which country is No 1 in education?

Top 20 Countries with Best Education System in the World

Rank Country Quality Index
1 United Kingdom 78.2
2 United States 72
3 Australia 70.5
4 Netherlands 70.3

What is the rank of Indian education system in the world?

The IMD has placed India at 64th rank or the lowest among 64 countries.